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What If You're Not 'average'?

The 'average adult diet' of 8,700 kJ is just that - an average.

Many people will require different amounts of food energy at various stages of their lives, and with varying activity levels. A very active teenager, for instance, will require more food energy than a sedentary older person.

Compare yourself to the following variations on the 'average diet requirements'. You may find more than one of the following applies.

* You are very activeyou need more energy(kJ)
* You are inactive you need less
* You are a young child you need less
* You are an older childyou need more
* You are a teenageryou need less or more, depending on your size and activity levels
* You are elderlyYou may need (unless you are very active)
* You are over weightYou may need less to achieve a healthy weight
* You are under weightYou may need more to achieve a healthy weight
* You have a small frameYou may need less
* You have a large frameYou may need more
* You are femaleYou may need less
* You are maleYou may need more
* You are pregnant or breastfeedingYou may need more

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