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Energy in

If you are putting on weight, it's because the amount of energy you take in exceeds the amount you use. The body stores the excess as fat.

If you are losing weight, it's because the amount of energy you use exceeds the amount you take in. The body draws on its own fat reserves to keep up.

A healthy diet should aim to balance the amount of energy and nutrients we take in with the amount of physical activity we do.

Energy out

Our bodies use energy from food and drinks to fuel basic bodily functions like breathing, pumping blood, digestion, maintaining body temperature and producing hormones and enzymes.

This constant, unconscious activity is called Basal Metabolism. The amount of energy needed for these activities over a set time is called the Basal Metabolic Rate, or "BMR". It makes up between 45% to 70% of your total energy expenditure.

The remaining 30% to 55% of your body's energy is used for physical activity, from simply moving around in our daily lives to dedicated athletic activity.

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